Frequently asked questions

WantedLove, what is it?

WantedLove is a fully dating site free and secure to all singles. Discover a Western universe populated by hunters and bounty hunters. Wearing a stetson and armed with a lasso go hunting profiles: more affinity, the greater the premium is high!

With keywords and complete profile find the ideal partner in a few clicks.

Who created WantedLove?

WantedLove was created by 2 brothers. Developer and graphic. We had at heart to offer an online dating service both free and functional.

We have received the support of our family and our friends from the beginning and we thank them!

WantedLove Why is it free?

WantedLove free because we believe that social interaction and love should be tax exempt.

We therefore exists only thanks to the ad.

How can I support WantedLove?

Each page view and each click on an advertisement using this site going, through.

Do not hesitate to talk WantedLove around you and click on the social buttons.

How to find someone who matches me WantedLove?

WantedLove works on a word-key system. Please fill out your profile and upload photos of yourself. Get in value: profiles with photos attract more visits!

The key word matching provide or withdraw some money on your premiums:

  • You both addicted to the same things ? Congratulations, your premiums will greatly increase!
  • love or hate both the same thing ? Again your premiums will go up!
  • hate what someone else likes ? Your premium will decrease accordingly!

Visit the Search page , refine your criteria, and find the ideal target.

Why my geolocation is not working?

WantedLove uses Geonames service to retrieve the geographic coordinates of your city. This is done automatically when selecting your city  : a field autocomplete automatically retrieves your city and contact information when registering.

If you have not seen this field appear when you register, you can all the time to redefine your position on the edit page of your profile.

If your problem persists, contact us on our contact page providing us your email, city and postal code . An administrator will correct your position.